Xiaoping Sun

Curiosity Driven Exploration.


I'm a researcher at ICT, CAS. My current research is focused on text summarization, text processing and semantics representation of natural language.

The core scientific challenge is to modelling semantics of natural language as explicitly and formally as possible for computing.

I also have extensive interestings on various scientific research topics, such as complex system, self-organization and system dynamics.

It is because that how system is evolving is closely related to artificial intelligence developing in a self-orginized and self-initialized way, which is crucial for continouesly learning.

New interests on scientific challenges will raise new solutions.

Latest work on text summarization

Recently, I am focused on a work on automatic survey generation.

A sythetic method is investigated on how to make an extractive survey from a set of candidate scientific papers.

A closeness distance is defined to ranking papers and sentences for a given section title.

It is a novel distance that can captuer neighboring word dependence.

Previous Work

A scientific summarization method is proposed.

We use Section Structure Graph to rank paper's section, paragraph, sentence and words.

Sun, Xiaoping, and Hai Zhuge. "Summarization of Scientific Paper through Reinforcement Ranking on Semantic Link Network." IEEE Access (2018), Volume: 6, Issue:1, pp.40611-40625.2018.

Recent Work

A virus spreading simulation tool is developed using a Monte Carlo model with network model for simulating people's movements, status, and virus infection dynamics.

  • Feed back of people's decisio on environments are determint.
  • Waves of spreading can be fluctuative.
  • Decisions should be determinitive.