Xiaopiong Sun’s Samples Source Code
Updated November 28, 2017

Keyword Tree Benchmark.

Tree Plot.

This work is to construct a keyword Tree of a paper as a benchmark for evaluating summarization models or keyword extraction models. We choosed the paper "Dimensionality of Summarization" by Prof. Hai Zhuge(cite it as: [Zhuge, Hai. "Dimensionality on summarization." arXiv preprint arXiv:1507.00209 (2015)]) to build the tree.The paper can be viewed in PDF , and in pure TEXT form.

We manually write the keyword tree in an original text which is available HERE.

JSON of the keyword tree plot can be downloaded HERE.

Source code of graph engine for parsing and plotting the tree can be visited at HERE.

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You can also drag the tree using mouse left-button-down, zoom it by using ctrl+scroller on the mouse, or click a blue node to shrink or extend its sub-tree.

Force Graph Plot.

Ploting is client-side CPU consuming please wait for your Browser to calm down. You can drag nodes, OR make a node fixed by clicking it so that it will not float around. The JSON data for the force graph plotting is HERE.

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