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Knowledge Grid Research Group's research works have been cited by international peers.

· J.Dolado and A.Moreno, "Assessing Software Organization from Complex Systems   Perspective",   
  InterJournal, Proceedings of the International Conference on Complex  Systems, 1997.  The authors 
  used one section to cite and assess our work "Analogy and  Abstraction in Cognitive Space"
  appeared in Information and Software Technology, 1997.  Prof. Dolado has publications in IEEE Trans.
  on Software Engineering.

· Prof. De Araujo TV cited our work in this paper: "Object-oriented hierarchies and
  their resulting complex Systems", International Journal of Computer Systems Science and
  Engineering, 14(6)(1999)353-362.

· The referee of Information and Management said our work has a significant
  contribution to this journal.

· Chen HJ, Wu ZH, Huang C, et al. TCM-Grid: Weaving a medical Grid for traditional Chinese medicine
   LECT NOTES COMPUT SC 2659: 1143-1152 2003 
· Ramos F, Junco MDA, Espinosa E.Soccer strategies that live in the B2B world of negotiation and decision-making
   DECIS SUPPORT SYST 35 (3): 287-310 JUN 2003 

Kwon OB, Lee KC, MACE: Multi-Agents Coordination Engine to Solve Conflicts among Functional
  Units in an Expertise, Expert Systems with Applications, 23(1)9-21, July, 2002.

· Rush C, Roy R, Expert Judgement in Cost Estimating: Modeling the Reasoning Process,
  Concurrent  Engineering: Research and Applications, 9(4):271-284, DEC. 2001.
· Tzifa EC, et al, Introduction of Accounting Capabilities in Future Service Architectures,
 Journal of Systems and Software, vol.64, no.2, pp.115-129.

· D.T.Lee, et al, Knowledge Management for Computational Problem Solving,
 Journal of Universal Computer Science, vol.9, no.6, 2003, pp.563-570.

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