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Conference and  Seminar Slices 

Knowledge Grid: Concept, Model, and System  -- An Internet-based Knowledge Management Approach
The Model, Theory and Implementation of Knowledge Grid (in Chinese)
Innovation and Research Papers

Selected New Conference Papers

VEGA-KG: A Way to the Knowledge Web, WWW2002, poster proceeding, Hawaii, USA, May, 2002.
Distributed Team Knowledge Management by Incorporating Knowledge Flow with Knowledge Grid,
the Second International Conference on Knowledge Management,
Graz, Austria, July, 2002.     
KGCL: A Knowledge-Grid-based Collaborative Learning Environment , 1st International Conference
       on Web-based Learning, Aug. Hong Kong, 2002,
Lecture Notes in Computer Science (Springer-Verlag)

Selected Technical Reports
of the Key Lab of Intelligent Information Processing
Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences 

GOL: A Knowledge Grid Resource Operating Language and Application Programming Environment (Sample2)
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